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Who we are

We get people stronger, leaner, healthier, and ultimately help them progress along their own health and fitness continuum. Whether you want to look better in your clothes, be stronger and perform at a higher level, or improve your health and movement our individualized programs and unwavering desire to provide the best training experience will move you towards your goals.


Core Values

Always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Be honest and transparent

Never stop learning - always strive to be better

Under promise, over deliver

Bring your best every day

Ask more questions and listen

Be professional

Be productive but have fun!



Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you need 1 on 1 guidance, prefer training in a semi-private group, or require distance coaching online we have what you need to accomplish your goals.



Private Training

Starting at $349/month


Semi-Private Training

Starting at $197/month


Distance Coaching

Starting at $19/month


Success Stories

Shining a spotlight on the amazing clients and athletes I have the privilege of coaching.







“I have nothing to wear, with the exception of my new size 6 pants. Still don’t know when this body I’m sporting arrived. I am excited for 2016. Thanks for all the guidance Cody!”

— Tina


"Cody is INCREDIBLE! He is the most positive, friendly and creative trainer ever...And it doesn’t hurt that he’s SUPER nice and approachable! He talks the talk and walks the walk, too! He’s FANTASTIC!"

- Anonymous