Top Supplement Recommendations

With thousands of supplements on the market and numerous people recommending X supplement for Y outcome, it can be challenging sorting through all the noise and finding supplements that 1) are relevant to the individuals goals 2) effective 3) safe and 4) what is on the label matches what is in the container.

Often times when I am asked for recommendations, people are a little surprised with just how short the list is. The most important thing to remember is supplements are just that, supplemental. They supplement good training, good nutrition, and good sleep. If those 3 components aren’t already in place you’ll be stepping over $100 bills to pick up quarters.

Here is the short list of supplements and specific recommendations on brands that I either use, trust, or have some experience with.

1) Protein Powders

2) Creatine Monohydrate

3) Caffeine

  • Coffee or Espresso

  • Bulk Supplements

4) Multi-Vitamins

  • Controlled Labs Orange Triad

  • Optimum Nutrition OptiMen

  • Optimum Nutrition OptiWomen

5) Fish Oil

  • Nordic Naturals

  • Controlled Labs Oximega

Cody Hill