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Born and raised in California but currently calling Austin, Texas home. I was always active growing up; playing soccer on various pee-wee and school teams, mountain biking, skiing, dirt biking, and spent time in middle school and high school competing in squash, swimming, lacrosse, soccer, and slalom/GS skiing. I was never great at any of those sports but loved being apart of a team or competing. I didn't get into the weight room until college at Texas A&M when I fell in love with resistance training which led me to obstacle course racing and physique competitions, both of which I did well in. With these successes came a lot of questions from friends, family, and strangers but I didn't have answers. Long story short, I became a Personal Trainer to help people become an improved version of themselves through health and fitness. Whether it's helping people get stronger or leaner, improving how they feel and move, getting off medications, or looking better and feeling more confident in their bathing suit, I help people progress along their health and fitness continuum.


Education & Qualifications

  • Texas A&M '10 B.S. Ag-Business & Minor in Economics
  • NASM Certified Trainer
  • CISSN Sports Nutritionist

Physique Competition

  • 2012 Adela Garcia Classic: 1st place Class B & Overall Winner
  • 2012 Texas State Naturals: 2nd place Class B
  • 2012 NPC Nationals: 13th place Class D
  • 2013 BSN Summer Shred 1st Place
  • 2013 Adela Garcia Classic: 1st place Class B & Overall Winner
  • 2013 Team Universe: 5th place Class D
  • 2013 NPC USAs: 5th place Class D
  • 2015 Ronnie Coleman Classic: 5th place Class C
  • 2015 NPC Europa: 2nd place Class C


  • 8x Tough Mudder - top 7 finisher x 8
  • 1x Worlds Toughest Mudder Contender
  • 5x Spartan Race (Sprint, Beast, Super)Top 100 finisher
  • 2x Sprint Triathlons, 1x top 4 finisher

Fun Facts

  • Self proclaimed donut aficionado
  • Vizsla Dad
  • Positively skewing national coffee consumption data since 2006

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360 Performance Gym

5656 Bee Caves Rd K-100

Austin TX 78746


Continuum Fitness Coaching

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