What others are saying

You know...for all the whining and complaining I do about our workouts, I really like the look of my booty and thighs in the mirror. And yes, I just spent 5 min in the bathroom looking at my back half in the mirror. Cant wait to see more transformations in 2016!
— Anonymous
“I have nothing to wear, with the exception of my new size 6 pants. Still don’t know when this body I’m sporting arrived. I am excited for 2016. Thanks for all the guidance Cody!”
— Tina
Cody is INCREDIBLE! He is the most positive, friendly and creative trainer ever...And it doesn’t hurt that he’s SUPER nice and approachable! He talks the talk and walks the walk, too! He’s FANTASTIC!
— Anonymous
seriously, I ADORE Cody!! He’s upbeat, personable, motivational, all around awesome!
— Anyonymous